Summarization of animal farm chapters 1-10

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Vimalraj Arumugam 9P                                                                                    10/05/2007


          In the opening chapter of the book, Mr. Jones of Manor Farm is shown as a careless, irresponsible farm owner who cares more for a glass of beer than for his animals and the farm. He is often drunk, and his resulting carelessness causes the farm animals to protest and rebel against him.

A 12-year-old middle white boar ‘Old Major’, who lately grown stout and majestic looking pig with a wise benevolent appearance had called a meeting in the barn about a dream he had the previous night.  First arrived the dogs; Bluebell, Jessie and Pitcher and then the pigs came in with the hens and pigeons that flew on top.  Soon the sheep’s, cows and the carthorses Boxer and Clover had came into the barn.  Then came Muriel the white goat and Benjamin the donkey, who was the oldest animal on the farm.  Ducklings came in with Mollie the foolish, pretty white mare.  Only one left was Moses the tame raven.  Old Major started his speech on how the animals were treated and were being used.  

He said, ‘the farm was in a terrible condition and there is not much money for a good lifestyles.  In addition the farm only has 12 horses, 20 cows and 100’s of sheep.  The problem was that man exists.  Man consumes without producing.  Old Major talked about what happened to the babies of the animals.  There was a message in all of this ‘whatever goes on two legs is an enemy, but whatever is upon four legs or has wings is a friend.  Animals should not resemble man.  No animal must ever live in a house, sleep in a bed, wear clothes, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco or touch money or engage in trade.  All animals are equal and no animal should kill another animal.

        Old Major was now talking about his dream it was about his childhood and a song his mother had sang to him.  It went like this Beasts of England, Beasts of… The white boar finished and all the animals sang it a good seven times before Mr. Jones woke up and shot his gun in the air.  Soon all creatures went back to their barns and the farm was silent.


Three nights later Old Major in his sleeps and was buried at the foot of the orchard.

The pigs Snowball who was vivacious pig and Napoleon who was fierce looking Berkshire boar, had both wanted the rebellion to happen and organise everything that inspired them of Old Major.  Another pig was Squealer who of course was the best at persuading and arguing.  Others said Squealer could turn black and white.  The animals had a meeting to discuss Animalism.  This included the harvest, which would take place after the rebellion. Mollie asked the stupidest question like would there be any sugar left after the rebellion?  The pigs that were in charge said no, but Moses told a tale that there was a mountain called Sugar candy Mountain.  

Of course all the animals believed his except for the clever ones like the pigs. Boxer and Clover did not know as much as the other animals so the pigs decided to teach them.  When ever a meeting was over all the animals usually sang ‘Beasts of England, Beasts of…’ The rebellion soon took place, but no one expected it to happen.  Mr Jones the farmer was losing money in a lawsuit so he began to drink more that usual and always forgot to feed the animals.  One day Mr Jones went out the bar Red Lion and only came back on the next day.  Then he milked the cows and with rabbit hunting with his fellow farmers, but he always forgot to feed the animals.

After he came back that day he went of to sleep.  One of the cows was hungry so he broke in the store shed and began to eat the other joined in. Jones heard the noise and came out with a whip with the other farmers.  When they started fighting the animals hit with anger and aggression the men got worn out and before they knew it they had been chased out of the farm and the five barred gate was shut behind them.  The rebellion was successful and Jones was expelled. The animals couldn’t believe the good fortune.  They all checked the farm for any more farmers. The animals started to destroy knives, chains, nose rings and every cloth was burned.  

After everything that reminded them of Mr. Jones was destroyed they ate corn and sang ‘Beasts of England.’  They all woke up at dawn and were excited to have fun, soon it was stopped by Napoleon and Snowball both of whom lead the animals in Mr. Jones’ house.  They couldn’t believe the luxury Mr and Mrs Jones was living in.  All the animals looked around the house, but Mollie was missing, she was trying on ribbons from Mrs Jones.  Other animals took meat out of the kitchen to bury, but nothing else was touched.

The house was to be preserved into a museum for future animals.  The animals got to work on the harvest and others began to study from books.  Manor Farm was turned into Animal Farm.  Snowball and Napoleon wrote the seven commandments, which were said by Old Major, on the wall, which every animal had to follow.  The pigs milked the cows and the harvest began in the hayfield.

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           The third Chapter begins with the efforts of the animals being rewarded at harvestime. Despite the unsuitability of the equipment they use, they work hard and overcome every difficulty. Because of their superior knowledge, the pigs do not actually do the labour, but direct and supervise. Boxer works the hardest. He asks the cockerels to give him a 'wake-up-call' early each morning, and his answer to every problem is to work harder. The harvest turns out to be the largest that the farm has ever seen. There is no wastage and no stealing. ...

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