Summary of Of Mice and Men Chapter 2

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Summary “Of mice and men” chapter 2

Task- summarize very briefly what happens in chapter 2, and write short descriptions of two or three of the most important new characters, mentioning physical aspects, where these might be important, and their personalities. Also predict how they might be involved in the rest of the story.

In the beginning of chapter two “of mice and men”, the author again explains (he also explains in detail the setting for chapter 1) very well how the setting is laid out. He explains that they were now in a bunk house that was “along, rectangular building” and that the walls were “whitewashed” and the floor was unpainted. In 3 of the walls there was square windows except for the forth where the door stood. The bunk house contained eight bunks and George and lennie settle down to their own bunks.

They first meet an old man called candy. He seems to be a very wise and friendly person, because he welcomes George and lennie in a decent way. He also explains to them about the other workers so that they get comfortable with the other workers at the ranch. Candy explains most of the workers in detail and calls most of them a “nice fella” I think candy is a very important character because he seems very helpful to George and lennie and I can see that he will be more helpful towards the end of the book.

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After George and lennie have met candy, they soon after meet the boss. He is a little “stocky” man who wore “blue jean trousers, a flannel shirt, a black unbuttoned vest, and a black coat. His thumbs were stuck in his belt and on each side of a square steel buckle.” He also wore a brown Stetson hat and high heeled boots and spurs to prove he was not a “labor man”. To George and lennie, he is very curious towards them. He asks lennie many questions but George scowled at lennie so that he would remember not to say ...

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