Surviving in a rainforest

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Life in a Rainforest

After being dropped from 100m into the heart of the unexplored rainforest I was scared. Most of my resources had got lost or damaged during the fall and all I had was a litre of fresh water, one can of tinned pasta, a machete and a flare. The food and water should last me two-three days and the flare will be key to my rescue. I started to cut a train through the forest to find a place to shelter when I heard strange howling sounds. I had not realised I was in the territory of the Howler Monkeys who are territorial and were giving me a warning to leave. I needed no encouragement! I ran back to where I had started and started to go towards a new trail. There was so much foliage around me… Some looked like this          while the others looked like this.        These are coniferous and deciduous trees. After tons of cutting I finally saw an opening with a waterfall. The water was gushing down at great speeds; I saw tons of fishes: Salmon, Trout, and Mackerel. I had decided that this is where I wanted to make my home because it was close to a fresh water supply and I had seen a HUGE fig tree 50m behind. After finding a place to settle I decided to make a fire to keep away unwanted animals; this was very hard but nothing is impossible for me and I did it after one hour. I decided to go out to explore more and I saw the most amazing sight. It was a sight of over fifteen male paradise birds trying to impress one female. They were doing all sorts of tricks. It was getting dark so I had to head back to the shelter which I had made from large leaves from the forest floor. It was getting very humid down here but I did not want to take my clothes off because of the bugs. I heated my tinned pasta and started to eat. It was time to sleep…

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Last night the sleep was horrible and I am now covered in red mosquito bites. The only good thing so far is that my fire is still going but I need more firewood to make is last longer. I decided to swim to the other side of the forest and it turns out it was a great decision. There was a banana         tree so more food for me. I finally found firewood but I also saw a snake         and that scared the wits out of me and that is why I am ...

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