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Symbols in 'Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry'.

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Mildred D. Taylor's Use of Symbols in 'Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry' A symbol is a sign, object or picture that represents something in every language to every person. A symbol may mean something different to different people. In the novel 'Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry' symbols are used to show changes in the characters feelings or the way Blacks in general get treated. There are many different ways Mildred D. Taylor gets her point across and how she changes the whole story line. In strawberry T.J saw a Pearl Handled Pistol he was very eager to show his first impressions of the gun! "That pearl handled one. Stacey, man you ever seen a gun like that? I'd sell my life for that gun for my life." This symbol is used in the Novel to reflect on T.J's greed and how it gets him into trouble. ...read more.


It represents that blacks have to stand up to whites. "You see that fig tree over yonder".... "Them other trees around it, that oak and walnut they're a lot bigger and they take up more room and give so much shade almost shadow over that ole fig tree. But that fig tree got roots that run deep and it belongs in that yard as much as the oak and walnut" In that the fig tree represents blacks and the oak and walnut represent whites. The yard represents all the land in Mississippi and everywhere. Papa basically says that blacks have to stand up for themselves and that they belong in the world as much as whites. By using thunder Mildred D. Taylor is getting a point across that the whole Logan family is prone to r****m-a bad thing in the world today. ...read more.


The cold weather brings happiness to the Logan family because it brings a certain amount of cosiness in the house. That is also when Papa comes back. * The end of the school year, its spring and the flowers are blooming and its a beautiful time of the year. The farmland is also being sown for cotton. * The night of the revival is summer. The cotton had dried and the corn was being grown. All linked to sadness in the Logan family because they don't grow corn. * The last chapter- its autumn a year has passed and the novel was based over the time when the Logan children had started school and the rain had started, the novels sadness is repeated. The sadness of r****m dragged on. Mildred D. Taylor used a lot of symbolism in the novel to make the novel have a bit of extra meaning. It was also good because there were a lot of opportunities taken to use metaphoric situations. ...read more.

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