Talking heads - A lady of letters.

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Talking Heads: A Lady of Letters

The play “A Lady Of Letters” is a monologue featuring a very lonely woman that spends a lot of her time reading and writing letters. The play consists mainly of Irene (the character), a middle aged woman talking to the audience about her daily routine. Her routine consists mainly of sending and receiving letters to and from various people.

There are 7 scenes, most of them focusing around a certain letter. The play is set in a simply furnished room with a bay window and it is in the afternoon. She spends a lot of the play talking about her own experiences from the past and stating how she dealt with them.

The character, Irene Ruddock comes across in the play as a very isolated and lonely person. The play is set in a simply furnished room, which hints at her very simple and aimless life. She also talks a lot about things that have happened to her and she hardly mentions friends or family. There is also a big suggestion to how lonely and simple her life is in that she spends a lot of time reading and replying to a card that the opticians have sent her.

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“A card came from the opticians this morning…I thought that it was nice so I took my trusty Platinum and dashed off an answer forthwith.” Most people would see that the opticians were purely trying to make money out of her but she is oblivious to this and feels that she is special because they have taken the time to write to her expressing their concern about her eyes. Of course the opticians want her to think that because she will then think highly of them. It shows that she has a lot of spare time to reply to things ...

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