Teens aren't addicted to the Internet - Dont fall for the stereotype.

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Teens aren't Addicted to the Internet - Don’t fall for the stereotype.

Is it true that children have been abandoned to the internet? The recent article discussing the addiction young people have on the internet has raised important concerns about children welfare online. It is understandable why adults feel this way towards young people; we cannot blame the youth for becoming dependent on the internet, since we have grown up with the technology and have become digital native, so it’s part of our life. Beeban Kidron’s claiming that “young people are addicted to a virtual world” shows the ignorance the author has on the topic. Yes, there may be a handful of children showing symptoms of addiction, but the author has failed to acknowledge that not all children spend countless amount of time on the internet. Many young people can use their mobile phones and play video games a few hours a week, successfully balancing school, friends, and family obligations. The article gives a stereotypical image of teenagers; we all are internet addicted young adults, spending our times alone in a dark room and conducting all social interaction by proxy. This image could not be farther from the truth.

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Additionally, the author makes another stereotypical accusation about teenage boys when she claims that they spend “unedifying hours in bedrooms… watching porn.” Are all teenage boys obsessed with porn? According to Public Religion Research Institute only 29% of young men found porn to be morally acceptable and 65% disapproved. These statistics suggest something completely different from what the author is stating about teenage boys. Not all teenage boys watch porn, some find it morally wrong as it goes against their faith and parents. Religion forbids porn, deeming it be a sin and most internet access is blocked by parental access locks. ...

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