The Charge Of The Light Brigade And Disabled

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        In a class we have been studying two different poems, Charge Of The Light Brigade

         by Alfred Lord Tennyson and Disabled by Wilfred Owen. Both of these poems were written about war, although they are about two different time periods.

        Charge Of The Light Brigade was written in 1854, focusing on the Battle of Balaclava (Ukraine) during the Crimean War (1853-1856). However, Disabled

        was written in World War 1 and focuses more on before and after the war, as well as a soliders point of view, not on a particular skirmish. Charge of The Light Brigade was written to memorialize a group of around six hundred men who were ordered into a suicidal charge against Russian militants. Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote the poem after reading an article in “The Times” newspaper about a misinterpretation of orders which sent approximately “a noble” six hundred to their deaths. He thought the misjudgement was a scandal and wanted to publicize it in a poem. Wilfred Owen was once in the war and wrote most of his poems in the trenches. He wrote the poem to emphasise the tragedy of war - injury, death etc.

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        Disabled is about a solider who went to war in World War 1 and had both his legs and one arm blown off. The poem is about his life before and after the injury as

        well as how he contrasts his life. Wilfred Owen uses the “flashback” technique for effect. Disabled has five stanzas of mostly different lengths. The punctuation makes you pause and it helps give the effect of thoughtfulness, especially in stanza four, which is covered in appropriate colons and commas. The rhyme isn’t in an exact order in this poem - it isn’t in rhyming ...

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