The Crucible: John Proctor.

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The Crucible: John Proctor

Often in true tests of moral character where people are tempted to deceive, be dishonest, or take advantage of each other, there are few who truly succeed. The story of The Crucible gives one of the strongest tests of morality, where the truly ethical are punished and those of low morale are free to live their lives. The Crucible very well represents that when a situation is life or death human decency crumbles rapidly. The Crucible takes place in Salem, Massachusetts where religion and corruption are rampant, and soon two girls fall ill unexplainably and it sparks ideas of evil and witchery in the town. This results in the citizens of the town pointing fingers at those who appear to have dealings with the devil, which inspires grave misfortune for many. Throughout The Crucible one character John Proctor remains remarkably honest, ethical, he fought for others, and what he stood for even when it meant his life.

John Proctor’s truly good moral character and honest personality is first witnessed when he expresses some of his true feelings and affection towards his wife at their home. Two quotes that best represents John Proctor’ love and overall good feelings for his wife are “I mean to please you Elizabeth”(Arthur Miller, p.50). After these words Proctor later goes on to say “I think you’re sad again. Are you?” (Miller, p.51). These two quotes best exemplify Proctor’s loving emotions toward his wife Elizabeth, at a time when most people kept their emotions to themselves Proctor is surprisingly open. When he asks his wife if she is saddened he shows his concern about his loved one’s feelings, and a feeling of Proctor’s true happiness with Elizabeth is suggested. Also Proctor does not say these words of love because of some superficial desire such as lust, or greed, but rather he expresses these words out of the true love he possesses for her. During John Proctor’s time many married men did not give their wives the appraisal that Proctor gives Elizabeth, as it was seen as something that did not need to be said because a husband provided so much for their spouse. John Proctor proves himself as a devoted and loving husband towards Elizabeth in great fashion, and is not afraid to show his true emotion for her.

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Not only does Proctor have strong feelings for his wife but also for his fellowman, and he will go to great extents to protect his neighbour. During the actual trial every main character exposes many strong emotions, and when John Proctor is asked a very trying question of his character he returns a very courageous answer “Danforth: We have thought it too convenient to be credited. However, if I should tell you now that I will let her be kept another month; and if she began to show her natural signs, you shall have her living yet another year, and ...

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