The Crucible: To what extent is John and Elizabeth's relationship the main focus of the play?

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The Crucible

To what extent is John and Elizabeth’s relationship the main focus of the play?

In this essay I am going to discus to what extent John and Elizabeth’s relationship is the focus of the Crucible. The play was set in 1962, in a small, American village called Salem. As Salem was governed by a Theocracy, the whole village was extremely religious.

After reading the Crucible I think that John and Elizabeth’s relationship is the main focus of the play, we can see in each act how their feelings and emotions towards their relation ship changes and progresses throughout the play. In Act 1 we are introduced to John Proctor. We find out that he is a farmer in his middle thirties and that he is known, and respected throughout the village as a good, honest man. We also learn that John has committed adultery with his former servant – Abigail Williams, niece of Reverend Paris. John deeply regrets this, and, as we learn from act one he wishes to no longer peruse his relation ship with Abigail any further; “I will cut off my hand before I ever reach for you again!”  Abigail responds to this remark in anger, not being able to bear the fact that John no longer wants her. She calls Elizabeth a “cold, snivelling woman” and accuses her of spreading lies “She is blackening my name in the village, she is spreading lies about me!” Immediately John responds in defence of his wife “You’ll speak nothin’ of Elizabeth!”  We can see from this Act how John can’t bear the fact that he committed such a terrible sin against his wife who he loves and cares for.

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In At 2, we learn more about John and Elizabeth’s feelings towards each other. It begins with them having a civilised conversation, perhaps too civilised for a married couple, Elizabeth is keeping her answers short and blunt, for example; “ That’s well” and  “It must be.” John picks up on this, and asks Elizabeth if she is sad again. As we read further we find out that Elizabeth thought John had gone into Salem, as he was home so late. What she really means when she says “You come so late I thought you’d gone to Salem this afternoon”, ...

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