The fog grabbed onto the freezing air, the snow slept on the houses

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The fog grabbed onto the freezing air, the snow slept on the houses like a hibernating bear does in its cave, for days and days. The wind screamed as the smoke overtook it creating a whirling storm. It was as dark as charcoal, the houses looked as melancholy as ever. But the weather was not nearly as disconsolate how I felt. The cold air hit me in the face like a baseball bat, tears streaming down my face as I remember what I have done. All I can hear is the snow crunching beneath my feet as I dreadfully walk step by step over and over. I shouldn’t have done that I thought, all these thoughts circled my head, over and over ‘why did I do it?’ I cried, I felt a chill go down my spine as my voice rasped through the dark, cold and empty night.

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Blood rushed to my face. Bitter. Scorching. Frosty. Sizzling. What was it that I was feeling? Dread? Regret? Would I ever know? I tasted salt swarm into my mouth as my tears rolled down my pale freckled face, suddenly everything began to fade and all I could see was gloomy and mysterious darkness. The fog had finally taken over. I couldn’t escape. I wiped the tears from my red-amber eyes and looked around, all I could see was the swirling winds and blurry lights. The wind kept whispering my name so softly and gently yet so hard and loudly. ...

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