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The four poems I have chosen are Hitcher, Education for Leisure, The man he killed and my last Duchess

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A Comparison of four poems which create a sense of Menace and unease The four poems I have chosen are Hitcher, Education for Leisure, The man he killed and my last Duchess I have chosen 'Hitcher' as it gradually builds up tension and unease throughout the poem, the poem is quite personal as it is relating to a man and his everyday life. I chose this also because the poem is written as if it was a story. Hitcher is the story of a man who is under a lot of pressure from work and feels the need to rebel. He hires a car and picks up a hitchhiker. The driver hits the hitchhiker with a krooklok in the face, and then throws him out onto the road. 'Education for leisure' is a chilling poem; I chose this because it had a leading storyline which leads the audience to a point of suspense where he kills someone. Education for leisure is about a person who has a passion to kill, and the endless desire to play God. The third poem I chose was 'The man he killed' which is about a man who has killed an enemy of war in battle and throughout the poem is trying to convince himself of why he did it. I chose 'The man he killed' because it describes the emotions of the killer in detail and you as the reader are able to build a relationship and at the end of the poem you feel somewhat sorry for the killer. The last poem I chose was 'My Last Duchess', this is a poem about the Italian Duke of Ferrara, who is explaining to the slave of another duke about a previous wife. The reason that I chose this was because throughout the poem there is a sense of pride and power and the Duke's stubborn nature about the death or murder of his late duchess. ...read more.


In this phrase you get a sense of hesitation as thoughts are running through his mind of the events and what lead up to him killing that man. He is a country man "Because he was my foe" This illuminates that he is loyal to his country and that he killed this man because it was the right thing to do for his country. "You'd treat if met where any bar is" This shows that he is a sociable person who likes to spend time amongst other people. It also displays that he is not a loner, he carries out a normal way of life and does not exclude himself from the outside world, and he likes to experience life. My last Duchess is told by the Duke of Ferrara who is a very arrogant person "My gift of a nine-hundred-years-old name with anybody's gift" He regards himself far above others and believes that what he can give to her is far more than what anyone else can. She should be thankful to him for all he has done for her. He hints throughout the poem that is important, and has status and power. "I gave commands then; then all smiles stopped together." This gives the impression to the reader that he is callous. He talks about her in a strict manor to indicate that she deserved being killed and that he does not feel guilty for her death, he believes it was her fault as she led him to do this. He is jealous of her ability to feel joy in natural, simple things " too soon made glad, too easily impressed; she liked whate'er she looked on and her looks went everywhere" This shows that she has a loving for everything around her and is contempt with life. The Duke may be jealous because he cannot feel like this and is impressed and pleased with power and status only. ...read more.


The Man he killed has only one side and not a split personality. He is recollecting and trying to understand what has happened. It is a slow, simple and thoughtful poem (caused by punctuation) as the man is hesitant. Hitcher has town sides to one person, and the contempt with the other half, the longing to become someone that you are not. He is trying to escape from the person that he is to become another. He does not feel that identity matters, he begins to appear normal and then turns in to a violent and aggressive character. This poem is similar to education for leisure as they are both ordinary people trapped by the pressures of life and capable of dreadful things. My last Duchess is another poem where the character does not feel guilty about what he has done. He has tried to justify his killing, he is convinced but the reader does not share his feelings and think it was unreasonable. He is Jealous of someone else's outlook on life. He is proud and arrogant. He is possessive and protective he now feels that he owns his Duchess as she is in his painting. Education for leisure is similar to Hitcher as both characters have a desire to kill. They are both arrogant and aggressive and care not for others. Their off hand and casual response to murder creates suspense as the reader can relate which make s the poem personally threatening. It is a chilling poem which causes the reader unease. All the poems have a relevance to our lives which make them personally threatening in different ways. Suspense is gradually built up by punctuation and use of words. The way all of the poems are written is extremely effective and the reader experiences various emotions and changes their view of the character through different points in each poem. ?? ?? ?? ?? Courtney Richmond LVH ...read more.

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