'The Game of Rivalry.'

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Stevie and Johnny, two normal 16-year-old lads who like fast cars, women and football, In particular Manchester City. Quiet lads they never seemed to put a foot wrong. Stevie lives with his Nan and Grandad on Manchester’s Moss-side estate after his parents died in a car crash. Where as Johnny lived had the an unbroken home also living on the estate

Morning broke upon Moss Side. It was an all to familiar sight for the local residents as road sweepers were clearing up some of the carnage from the previous nights riots. But this was just a sign of things to come. This is a rivalry that would spilt families and an entire city. And for two friends Stevie Jones and Johnny Phillips it would change their lives forever.

It was the week of the Manchester Derby and there had been 3 previous nights of rioting sparked off by local gangs intent on trouble. In Moss-side you were either a red or a blue. The Blues were the hardcore die hard lot who had seen it all in there time where as the reds seemed to include anyone who likes winning.  

Moss-side became a war zone during Derby week and one night in particular was worse than any other. Johnny and Stevie after finishing school wandered home.

‘Playin out lataz Ste’

‘ Yeah sure thing Johnny, shall we call it 5 at the chippie’

‘Yeah sound, see ya there’

And the boys trundled off home. Not knowing what was about to unfold. The Date was Thursday 12th December, a bitterly cold winters night and the main thing in the front of people’s minds was the football. This was the first local derby for a couple of years as it was Manchester City’s return to the Premiership. Things were brewing up and after the previous to nights of rioting the streets were deserted and windows were boarded up.

Join now!

Johnny after a brief shower and change left to meet Ste. Ste on the other hand was running late. Wearing a distinctive light blue Manchester City shirt Ste arrived. It was the latest strip of Manchester City including the name and number of his favourite player Shaun Goater number nine.

‘Wow Ste you didn’t tell me dat you’ve got a new shirt’

‘Ive just got it its well ace innit. Ma uncle Jimmy got it off his mate for a tenna’ said Ste

‘Sweet mate off the back of a lorry hey’

‘Yeah you ma uncle’


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