The Gift (short story)

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The Gift – Reece Buckle

My fingers glide across the smooth leather fabric constituting my backpack. It also accommodates the tools necessary to carry out my mission: duct tape, rope, a universal lock pick, a miniature first aid kit, and most importantly, highly flammable fuel as well as a lighter. After checking them off in my head, I hastily equip my trench coat. I’ve always been fond of this coat; it’s very good at concealing items I don’t wish to expose. I have an itching desire to wield the serrated knife discreetly lurking on the interior of my belt. You see I couldn’t quite make my up my mind whether I wanted to use a generic kitchen blade or a serrated one; a standard edged knife would result in a swift clean kill, but one that performs as a saw proves much more efficient.

The time is exactly 04:16, so the digital wrist watch strapped to my forearm informs me. The luminescent moonlight is enough guidance to track my way to the rear exit of the hospital. So I tread lightly in the shadows. This unguarded location makes it a prime target for my gift. Quietly approaching the door, obscured with the lack of light, I insert the universal lock pick. With a few twists and turns it realigns itself. A quick clink and the door slides open like taking cookies out of a biscuit tin. It’s the most pitiful overlooked path to any building, the Achilles heel to their downfall.

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I tip toe down the long stretch of the hospital ward. It’s scary how quiet I can move, which is almost an instinct learned from bird watching. The thing about observing animals, you see them hunt and fight for survival. Kind of like us humans.  After reaching the end of the ward, I find retreat in a small maintenance cupboard. I fish out a map scrunched in one of the many pockets in my trench coat. The map illustrates a diagram of the building’s interior, so I can navigate with ease. My primary destination is now only a three minute ...

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