The Great Gatsby

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The novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald examines the American dream through the perspectives, personalities and actions of the characters. Through the characters and elements of setting and writing style the novel concludes the dream as one of extreme disillusion.

Firstly, through the central character of the novel Fitzgerald is able to explore the American Dream and its nature of disillusion and false hope. Jay Gatsby is a character who is depicted through two conflicting personalities. He is at first displayed as an ambiguous mysterious person who may be involved with criminal associations, through his relationship with Meyer Wolfshiem who is a shady character with underground business connections. His materialistic parties displayed vulgar wealth attracting people with worthless socialites. However Gatsby’s aspiring ambition was not to indulge in these social events, instead to show his love Daisy that he could provide for her like her husband Tom Buchanan could. This shade of Gatsby’s character, of a man pursuing blind love, depicts the American Dream as he realizes the opportunity to turn back time and once again be with Daisy. This personal strife limited only by his imagination is the essence of the American dream.  Using this character Fitzgerald also displays the tragedy of the American Dream through the tragedy that befell Gatsby, for example

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 ‘Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us’. Gatsby was blinded by his love and was ignorant to believe time could change, as the current created by life is too strong to strive against and reach the past. This love blinded him to reality and in turn leads to his aggressive death.  This tragedy greatly depicts the American Dream as an unobtainable dream which creates false hope to those who are striving for there life goals, being the disillusion created by the dream.

The disillusion created by American Dream is ...

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