The Haunted Ride

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It was a Friday morning; I was waiting for this day to come as I was going on the school trip to Thorpe Park. So I got up and I got ready. I first checked outside to see if the weather was good and the weather was good, the sky was bright blue and the sun was shining so bright that it made me want to go to the sea side, I was praying for it to be sunny and it came true.  I didn’t want it to be cold and raining, because it just ruins the day and I wanted it to be perfect so I could enjoy myself with my friends and also this was the last time I was going on a trip with my friends and I wanted to remember this day .Then I looked for the right clothes to wear for this beautiful weather. I wanted to wear something that matched so I decided to wear black and red shorts with a red top. I am the kind person who loves wearing the same thing that boys would like to wear. I just love wearing it .It makes me feel comfortable and I hate wearing clothes that are heavy, this makes me feel uncomfortable.

When I finished getting changed I went downstairs and had my breakfast. I usually have one slice of toast with jam because I don’t like eating in the morning. It makes me sick, but I still have to because of my Mum. If I don’t eat breakfast she would give me a one hour lecture about why you should eat breakfast in the morning. After I finished having breakfast I asked my Mum if she could lend me £20 to spend at the trip. She gave it to me, then I said goodbye to her and I went. I looked at the time on my brand new watch that I got for my birthday, I saw that I had only 10 minutes to get to school so I started walking fast because I didn’t want to miss the coach and if I did miss the coach then I would have killed myself because that was the last trip ever!  I was really excited I couldn’t wait to go to Thorpe Park because I wanted to go on Saw- the ride. Saw –alive was the most astonishing ride there is in that park and I was so excited to go on it.

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I was just in time, as everyone was about to get on the coach. So I went and got on the coach, I sat next to my friend Jasmin. Jasmin and I were talking and talking, we didn’t notice that we were there until the teacher told us.  In my mind I was thinking that we had got there quickly but then I realised that I was too busy talking that I hadn’t notice that we were there. I got off the coach and I was so eager to go inside the park. In the park there were lots of ...

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