The Hunter. Protecting the townspeople gave him a sense of responsibility he never had before. - Creative Writing

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The Hunter

The man stood on the porch. He looked around him but all that was to see were derelict looking houses with broken windows and battered tiles on the roofs. The road in front of him was really just a makeshift path in the dirt. It hadn’t been looked at for quite some time so there was grass covering it. The path had houses on either side and if you were to travel south 5 kilometres you would get to the city were the man’s family resided along with other people that had been lucky or skilled enough to survive that long. How his along with everyone else’s life changed to this was a question he often asked himself when he was out here by himself but deep down he knew the answer, but he didn’t want to admit it. Life in the city was hard but the man had travelled up the long path to this quainter town many times in his life so he knew where he was going. Getting lost in the forest amongst all the deadly animals and dealing with the elements would be the worst scenario. With the lack of activity going on around him he took a glance at the two objects down at his side. A can of beans that looked like they had been crushed by a car, and the second item, something a lot more deadly than a can of beans. “Both will come in handy” he muttered to himself. It had been a slow day. How long had he been out there? Five, six hours? It was impossible to tell. He had no way of telling the time except for the sun which was thoroughly concealed by the harsh looking grey clouds. He knew that the temperature would soon plummet to freezing and he didn’t want to be outside when it happened. He picked up the two items and strolled inside - kicking the door shut on his way inside.

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Inside the house say another man. This man was marginally taller than the first man and was sitting on a chair, happy to see he had conclusively decided to come back inside. No words were said as they both knew that they had to focus on the task at hand. The house the two men were in was as neglected looking as any other he had come across nearby. Tables overturned, ripped wallpaper and doors hanging off hinges were just a few things he initially noticed, there was even some dried blood on the kitchen counter. “Things must have gotten ...

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