"The Jaguar," by Ted Hughes.

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                                The Jaguar


         “The Jaguar,” by Ted Hughes, Ted Hughes explains his admiration for the Jaguar in this poem. The poem is describing a zoo where most of the animals, except the jaguar and the parrots, are being lazy and boring. We can tell this from the way Hughes describes their movement and appearance. He shows his enthusiasm and passion for the jaguar by using many metaphors and hyperboles. Although he does not share the same like towards the parrots, he does go into great detail to describe their actions. He explains how they “sell themselves like cheap tarts” to the on looking audience and remarks on the way they “shriek” and walk.

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        One of the most bold and eye-catching ways he shows his enthusiasm for the jaguar is going from the second verse to the third. As the jaguar comes into the poem, he immediately picks up the pace, leaving behind a slow, dull atmosphere created by the other animals. He does this by using descriptive words such as “yawn,” “fatigued,” and “sleepers,” to emphasize the slow pace in the first two verses. He moves on in the third verse using words like “runs,” and “hurrying,” and “furious.” This immediately and effectively shows his overwhelming admiration for the jaguar over the other ...

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