The Journeys End

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The Journeys End

As I woke I noticed that I was no longer on my destroyer but in Iraq how could this of happened there were men al around I think we had been drugged then we were attacked I raised my hand with a clenched fist giving the order to stop and shut up, cautious about us being in hostile terrain. I could hear dogs barking, which obviously meant that the enemy was near, nearer than we had expected. We looked at the map and decided to avoid any enemy contact for now. We were just about to proceed when we noticed an enemy jeep getting nearer, we ducked for cover, and fortunately it just passed by.

It was Monday 8th October at around 18:00hrs we were eating around a glowing fire, all we had was standard issue AB’s (army biscuits) as they were called, they were alright but a little bit dry.

We had been dropped at the Pakistan border by a Lynx, and walked about 3 miles before setting up camp today. We had made an OP (observation post) about 300 yards further on with Jimmy and Mike in it, I was to go and relieve one of them soon.

After eating a few more biscuits I went and relieved Mike who went back to camp, I was sitting there thinking about the operation, I didn’t know what to expect as we were only lightly briefed. We were told to go in and disable a SAM site, which had been stopping our fighters from bombing. We knew that there would be defences but we didn’t know how strong they were going to be.

Join now!

Jimmy and I were sitting in the small OP which in fact was only 4.5 feet deep, we were sitting there with 203’s and PNG’s (passive night goggles). We were wearing shamags, which we thought might protect our faces a bit from the sand blowing around.

Eventually at 23:30hrs when we were both relieved by the other 2 men in our team; Scott and Henry, they came stealthily and gave us both a great fright, I nearly soiled my shreadies.

Jimmy and I went back to camp, we were knackered so we got straight into the bivve we were ...

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