The Lurking Shadows

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By :Xeneb Shah

Year :10 C

The Lurking Shadows

                    To some the forest was nothing than a deceptive path to mischief and troubles. Only a few had ever dared to embark on that adventurous journey. As the years went by the rumours started to become more and more distorted. Then it became just a mere folk tale.

            However to one young little girl the woods were never dangerous but full of wonders, friends and creatures. It was her own wonderland. Those beautiful flowers who would dance with the ever changing rhythm of the wind.  It was always spring there.  Spring that personifies happiness and happiness that symbolises her life up until now. For her life revolved around the forest, the forest- an embodiment of everything that is beautiful.

            The woodland was majestic. The tall trees stood high like a crowd of vivid green umbrellas. They were stretched as far as the eye could see. The emerald green leaves were swaying to the rhythm of the cold summer breeze. The bright radiant sun was dancing on the tree tops or leaves. There was a sweet surrendering scent of the morning dew that cascaded all around the sublime forest. The dew soaked grass looked like a field of liquid diamonds. The blazing carpet of blue bells stretched like a carpet of jewels. Even the dark dotted poppies were fluttering like fiery crimson ribbons. They hung like swaying feathers for the tree branches.

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                  One fine afternoon the young child skipped along the path her black hair flailed wildly in the now cool summer breeze. Her skin glistened and her cheeks were glowing, her eyes sparkling with excitement. She had the whole day to herself and she wanted to explore the forest. The forest looked welcoming and calm as it usually did. There was a sense of security all around when gradually everything around her changed. The light smooth steps turned to rough ridged stomps on the rocky  path filled with twigs. The trees ...

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