The moment had passed - our school farewell party.

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The moment had passed… “Come on here, Amy, look what I’ve found”, Jessie called out, and “I’ve got all the pictures of our school days.” “And look over her, it’s a CD, let’s check it out”, I added.We were at a sleepover at Stella’s house; Stella kept this slumber party so that we all could spend our time together as we were all apart now. Stella took out the DVD player and attached it to the television, she pressed the start button and we all gathered around with our snacks and drinks in a large quilt in front of the sofa. It took only a few minutes
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for the movie to start and only a few seconds for the tears to stream down my face. There was a quick flashback in my mind, the memories revived of all my school times, with my friends, my teachers, the lunch lady and of course with the entire school together. The first clip was on the screen and it reminded me of the “Mother’s Day” we had. We all sang and danced and praised our mums. We also arranged various games for all the mothers. As the movie went on, I could remember every detail of different occasions and all ...

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