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English Coursework:- Park Description, Year 9. By Megan King.

The lush green lawns of the neighbouring homes complimented the striped fields of Leyland Park. From afar, the small children and grown adults could not be seen climbing the monkey bars and walking their dogs; such a distance made each and every soul appear so small and insignificant. The municipal park of Hindley was nothing on the ornamental gardens at Wigan Formal Community Park, but it was cosy enough for inhabitants of this small town to nestle in, and to meet with friends. It was, in all honesty, a cheap alternative to an expensive day out elsewhere. But the fun activities available there were quite enough for the humble residents of Hindley.

A ring of a dark, floral border outlined the boundaries of the council’s land used to this community’s benefit, and from an aerial view, the malnourished, thirsty earth was clearly separated from the lush lawns of the surrounding sea of newly-built homes. A warm light was dimming down on the park as sunset neared, where children were enjoying their last few

The gatekeeper could be seen sat lonely on the porch of his moss-infected hut placed just outside the entrance, where older children gushed through the iron gates like water crashes through the wooden creaks of a soggy dam. As each breath of wind whisked the leaves into a powerful cyclone of foliage the old gatekeeper, named Derek, scrambled around the ground to recollect the pages scattered around the floor. These were the pages of the novel he had been writing for many, many years now. Lonely Derek was more widely known as Crazy Derek, to the children and some of the adults, due to the fact that he dreamed way too high for such an unsuccessful man such as himself.

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Not one person believed in him in that town, not that he had anybody to depend on; after his late wife died fifteen years ago, he had isolated himself from the world. His tired, grey eyes slowly cast almost a drowning of darkness over every snippet of life he laid them on; as nice of a man he may have been, people of Hindley had come to fear him due to this rumoured madness circling his senile mind.

As a young boy of age twelve, thirteen approached Derek, with a glimmer of evil in his dark eyes. He was wearing ...

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