The person I admire most - Mother Teresa.

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The person I admire.

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the people I admire most is a woman who has sadly past away but her work and the organisations that she set up continue to this day.  Her name was Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

From learning about this remarkable woman I understand that she was born in the Republic of Macedonia in Yugoslavia in the year 1910. She lived with her mother, father and sister.  When Teresa was in her mid-teens she travelled to Ireland to become a teacher of English, the nuns asked her if she would travel to India and teach there. As Teresa felt she was a child of God and he would guide her on the path she accepted and moved there in 1929. This is one of the reasons why I admire Mother Teresa because she left her family, came to a another country and learned to teach so that she could go out into the world and pass on her knowledge.

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Teresa wasn’t long teaching in India when she realised that it was not the path for her. Every day she’d go out for a walk and see the people on the streets, who were begging and homeless. It played on her conscience. Once she was meant to have given the people food from the school as they were starving but she apparently got into some trouble. In all honestly, would you not do the same? After some time Teresa was contemplating whether or not she should leave teaching and help the people who were in need. Finally, Teresa decided to ...

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