The Phone call

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Harjoyt Sandhu

                                                         The Phone Call

8.00 p.m, light winds were whistling gently, as I walked towards a dark, foul alley way, which I was used to, as it was a daily part of my life for me to go through there. I got onto the main road and started walking at a faster pace as it started to get a bit unpleasantly cold, I noticed something rather unusual that day something that I had never seen on this road before, a telephone booth. It wasn’t really anything special but I just felt quite weird about it being here, as I got towards it the weather got really bad, the rain started pouring down, so I quickly got into the phone booth as it was the nearest shelter to be found. The rain was hitting the phone booth so hard that it felt as if nails were being hammered into it. I looked at my phone and realised the battery was almost gone. As the rain started to calm down, I started walking again but just as I opened the booth door, the telephone rang. I didn’t know what to do, I looked up to see if any one else was around but there wasn’t; it was as almost as if the place was a desert. It started to freak me out a bit, the phone carried on ringing so I answered it...

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“Hello,” sweetly spoke a man.

“Who’s this?” I replied

 “Your living nightmare.”

I laughed and said, “Quit playing jokes, you freak!”

“I’m no freak, Keane; you’re just a scared little boy.”

Suddenly I started to think and freak out thinking who is this?  How does he know my name?” I looked around to see if anyone was playing a joke on me, but not a person was to be seen.

“Why you looking so scared Keane? There’s no one here to help you, everyone’s gone.”

“W-w-ho are you, you can’t scare me,” I said, trying not to ...

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