The poem "Refugee Mother and Child" by Chinua Achebe deals with the sadness of death.

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The poem "Refugee Mother and Child" by Chinua Achebe deals with the sadness of death. The author conveys this theme by creating a tragic atmosphere through the introduction of shocking images and strong words.

Chinua achebe is one of the most important  African poet

 'For a son she soon would have to forget'. This foreshadows the idea that her son is dying, and she would have to forget him

The poet describes a mother and her child in a refugee camp  ,

'Blown empty bellies' shows that the camp is suffering from starvation

diseases and death, most mothers are to weak to take care of their children

“Madonna and child “ this is a clear reference to virgin mary with the christ child

No Madonna and Child could touch that picture...', relates to the idea of Mary and her child, Jesus. The picture images - the ideal image of motherhood. The picture of a mother with her new born child.

The air was heavy with odors of diarrhea :

Vocab  refugee some one forced to leave their country

Madonna a name for a virgin marry (mother of jesses)

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odors smells

ceased stopped        

ghost smile : shows how fake is the smile because of her sadness

hair left on his skull :shows how sick the boy is 7 The symbol for death

singing her eyes: the mother is trying to avoid sadness while she watches her son dying remembering the happy memories she spent with her son

Chinua Achebe’s Mother in a Refugee Camp, paints the pathetic picture of a mother holding her dying son in her hands for the last time, portraying both the inevitability of death and the pain of those whose loved ones have ...

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