The prince of darkness is a gentleman

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The Prince Of Darkness is a Gentleman

For years, the Prince of Darkness hid away his royal ancestral castle. He was hiding from the world, who detested him because of his past sins at as a teenager. The scams he used to play on people to just have a laugh; lead to many deaths! He didn't understand the solemnity of his evil actions. And the people of his father's town wanted him to pay for his grave mistakes, so it was said he would be locked in the castle until the King, his father passed away.

The residents called him, 'The Prince Of Darkness' because there was a rumour that went around town saying, the prince is a very evil and dark man, however, many women found him attractive and hoped to attract his attention. In contrast,  there was one girl named, Cassandra; she absolutely detested the Prince believing the rumours about him through malicious gossip. She was the only girl in the town of Edinburgh to think that the Prince lived nothing but an unholy and wicked life. Cassandra was a head strong girl, she was 22 years old, only 3 years younger the Prince. She lived by herself, sadly all her family had passed away years ago. Cassandra had her  own sweet shop; her business was one of the finest and most profitable business in Scotland.

Everyone had their own story about the Prince. However, on a more positive note the Prince of Darkness, Charles Edwards was one of the most calmest, a devout Protestant and kind gentleman in the town. In his room, he had a place where he prayed to God everyday; he studied the first testament of the bible very well and practised these words in his daily life. None of those rumours were true about the evil twenty year old man he was said to be. Charles was a cleaned shaved young man who washed his sins away after those torturous years of not saying a word and being angry. He used his time of being locked away as time to wash his brutal sins away. He was one of the nicest people in the world.

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In the year 1925, Harold Hadrada, a King from Normandy invaded the whole of Scotland, they were destroying everything because of a feud with the King many years ago. Harold was one of the most wicked men in the world. He just wanted to spend his money on something so he decided to use it on a pointless Norman invasion. Charles was furious that Harold Hadrada was just destroying his country; Charles was adamant to release the Scottish army and send the Normans back to their own country. He thought it had to be done so with the permission from ...

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