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The Scream.

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English Coursework-Short Story The Scream d**n! I thought as I quickly hopped out of the bath, dripping water all over my new cream carpet. "Just typical," I muttered as I grabbed my white cotton towel, opened the door and sprinted down the stairs just in time to grab the phone on its last rings. "Hello," I started but suddenly froze because no reply came back just loud ear piercing screaming. "Hello," I whispered again and the screaming instantly stopped as I was greeted by the oppressive silence. I felt a droplet of water trickle slowly down my arm onto the floor, and managed to choke back my horror as I felt the coldness tighten around my heart. "Who is this? What's the joke?" I questioned, my voice quavering with fear, my breathing became erratic, as I struggled to stay calm. Somehow though I just knew there was something different about the scream, it didn't sound like someone playing a prank; it sounded serious. ...read more.


The entire car journey over to her flat, was filled with one excruciating thought after another, combined with the good memories of the times we had spent together. I couldn't help but wonder whether I would ever meet up with her for lunch again, go to the cinema, or gossip over a coffee. We had been friends since three and had hardly ever fallen out, I couldn't imagine what I would do if she were to die. By the time I had almost arrived my body was visibly shaking, and I could hardly control the wheel, I couldn't bear to think of what I might find when I got there. I tried to imagine positive thoughts, but I was haunted by the idea of a murderer in Imagin's flat. I skidded into her front drive, and quickly stumbled out of the car door. I ran up to the front entrance of the flats, and pulled the door open. ...read more.


You know what I'm like with scary scenes I must have screamed when you answered!" I couldn't believe what had happened and how terrified I had been all over a horror movie! I wanted to yell in frustration, because of all the agony I'd been through, but at the same time I wanted to laugh hysterically. "Look," she said "I'm still calling you on the phone," she giggled. I picked it up and looked at the screen, sure enough there was the message 'calling Ella'. I felt all the tension that had been in my body for the last half an hour subside, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I explained the story to Imagin over a cup of tea and we had a good laugh as always. She found it hysterical how I had managed to get myself into such a state but on the other hand she was also greatly touched by my reaction and concern for her. That night when I arrived back home to find my cold bath, I smiled realising the humour of the situation, but at the same time wondered about what could have been. ...read more.

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