The Survivor

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Jasmin Kirupananthan, Form LVB, 24/09/13, Draft 2

Write your own story using the technique of flashbacks

The Survivor

He was just about to go downstairs when he heard strange noises coming from Joe’s room. “Grandpa? What’s going on? Are you okay?” He ran into Joe’s room. Joe was lying on his side groaning, one hand half covering his face making a distressed expression and the other gesturing to the floor. Several pictures the boy had never seen before lay scattered before him. Slowly he picked these up in armfuls. What had appeared to be pictures were actually hundreds of newspaper cut-outs. One after another, the boy looked through the articles, his heart pounding as he realised what he was reading. The boy’s concerned expression changed almost immediately. His face had become a crimson red, burning with anger. “Y-you never told us Grandpa?” the boy shouted, “Tell me why?” he demanded. Joe didn’t move. His head faced the floor, almost as if he was ashamed. It was as if Joe’s body had declined, his weak, frail being was slumped awkwardly on a wooden armchair. The colour from his face had faded and his eyes began to water as he tilted his face towards the sky.


“Mother, what’s going on? I don’t understand,” Joe said.

“Nothing, now quickly, you’re late for school.”

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“Something’s wrong mother, I know, you’ve been awake all night.”

“Come on, we’re going NOW!” his mother shouted sternly, hurriedly approaching the front door.

“I HATE YOU! Why don’t you ever tell me anything? You’re the one that took Dad away from us, didn’t you? It’s entirely YOUR fault!” Joe cried. Unexpectedly, his mother said nothing. She opened the front door and ambled towards the car impassively. Joe was confused and angry. He was trying to get his head around what was happening and why everything and everyone seemed so melancholy but he just could not understand. All he ...

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