The Theme of Courage in "To Kill a Mockingbird".

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Abstract – PART ONE

– Introduction

2.0 – Bibliographical background

3.0 – Courage in Plot - Summaries

3.1 – Courage in Setting – Maycomb

3.2 – Courage in Character- Atticus Finch and Mrs. Dubose

4.0 – Conclusion


‘This report investigates the theme of courage in novel ‘to kill a mockingbird’ and examines it though the theme relation to the text. A brief report about the theme and discussion where courage is glorified in the book: characters, setting and plot. The author portrayal of the theme through, characters who are morally driven, setting in which racial decimations is presented and a plot that links to the theme.


‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ authored by an American novelist Harper Lee issued in the 1960’s. It quickly became a huge successful going on to win a ‘Pulitzer Prize’ and have been categories as  by many readers “ A very classic yet with a modern twist of American literature”. The plot, characters and setting have been insecurely constructed from the author’s personal reflection of her family, neighbors and occurrences near her hometown in the 1930’s at the age of ten. The novel is well- known for its kind-heartedness and wittiness, whilst also dealing with serious topics in our society such as rape and racial discrimination. As a southern gothic novel and coming of age story, to kill a mocking bird has several themes that consist of it but the main is how courage is portrayed through the characters, plot and setting to assist the readers to develop historical knowledge of deep southern American society. Intellectuals have mentioned that Harper has also addressed issues such as human classification, sympathy, courage and gender roles in American society in the 1930’s. The Book is commonly taught at English- speaking schools because of it increasing popularity but educational movement has battled that the book should be removed from public school because it does not entirely explore black characters in the novel also some dark skinned readers obtain grasp of sense. Although it often insightful and reflective to many white readers.


Nelle Harper Lee was born on April 28th the year 1926, in Monroeville, Alabama, where she formed a close friendship with Truman Capote. She attends Huntingdon College in Montgomery in 1944 and graduated in 1945 and also went on to studied law at the University of Alabama in 1945 and graduated in 1949. Whilst in college she writer for the campus magazines as well as short stories and was involved with other projects about racial injustice a subject who was rarely discussed at the time. The year 1950, Harper moved to New York City to further her career as a writer, she got a job as a reservation booking clerk. Harper also began writing essays and short stories about her the town she grew up on and the people of the town. Praying that it would be published, lee showcased her writing the year 1957 to an agent and J.B. Lippincott advised her work, lee than quit her job with the help with her friends and family allowed her to write for years.

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Harper Lee’s ‘To kill a mockingbird” exposes how courage can be shown several of ways and that even the uniformed indirect acts of courage could make a difference. Courage in telling the truth, pressured but yet sticking to what you believe, against society ways and courage in willingness to change.

The story takes place in Alabama during the ‘Great Depression’ narrated by the main character ‘Scout’ Jean Louis scout, a nine year old girl whose father is lawyer in a small weary town ‘Maycomb County’. Scout and Her Brother Jeremy ...

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