The truth of life

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Unfolding the truth of life

As I briskly apaced the subsisting sand, I then noticed the black velvet curtain of the sky, cloudless. Despite the departure of the dazzling sun from the sky, the blistering heat resulted in me becoming delirious. As I stepped on the sunbaked earth, fluorescent feathered pigeons flew passed my face at the speed of light. The atmosphere was extremely sticky. Due to the sweltering heat my newly styled clothes stuck to my body. Soaking sweat dripped from my greasy hair, rolling down my forehead, and then trickling down my sunburnt cheeks, like a rattle snake slithering across the hottest region. I looked up at the still sheet of the sky. The night had aroused, the darkness had covered the blinding sky of the day. As the moonlight guided me through the cold night into the heart of the forest.

The howling of the wolves brought a chill down my spine and the chilliness of the night added to my agony. I then recalled those momentous days when I had everything I wanted. As they say," We value those moments, object or people the atmost when they are lost or away from us in times of crisis." I was homeless, godforsaken and disolate. Even my parched throat, and benumed body didn't seem as jeopardous as the alienation. The arid, sunburnt barren land got monotonously burdensome after a while. The landscape never changed, it stayed the same; no wind, no rain, just stale air. It felt like my organs had left my body in a lurch, paralysing my senses completely

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It was just about a week later, I'd just managed to endure and subsist the enorous conditions which no man could withstand. I was bereft of life, and out of sorts, having travelled endless miles until I caught a glimpse of informal, ramshackle settlements about a few yards out, I just couldn't express my avidity. I scampered, like a wild horse left loose, with all I had left. But to my fate, that area was peril and ominous. It looked ransacked, as if it was attacked by a beast. Scattered tables, chairs and waste littered the place. The ...

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