The Woman In Black How does Susan Hill build suspense in the Woman In Black?

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The Woman In Black                

How does Susan Hill build suspense in the Woman In Black?

In the Woman In Black Susan Hill uses various types of characters and the way the characters react in the story therefore creating suspense. Firstly Mr Bently his reaction and change of mood in the story when Arthur asks him questions about Mrs Drablow

‘Children? Mr Bently fell silent for a few moments’ (…) “According to everything we’ve been told about Mrs Drablow “he said carefully “No, there were no children” (29)

Here Mr Bently seems to be hiding something from Arthur by the way he pauses and falls silent for a few moments, therefore causing slight suspense from the reaction of Mr Bently, and the way Mr Kipps reacts on the hearing of Mrs Drablows name as if she was like an evil witch

“I’m here to attend a funeral – Mrs Drablow, of eal marsh house. Perhaps you knew of her?” his face flickered with … what? (42).

There you can see that Mr Kipps knows something about Mrs Drablow something not very nice but wasn’t saying, not telling Arthur what he was hiding to himself. Susan Hill also uses first person narrative which tells the reader there is something wrong.

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I also think Spider the dog causes suspense especially when the events happen in the house.

‘I realised that Spider was up and standing at the door, every hair of her body was on end, her ears were pricked, her tail erect, the whole of her tense, as if ready to spring’ (107)

here you can see the reaction of Spider as she stands frightened of whatever there was in the house and in other places too e.g. ‘ I could feel the tension in her limbs and body and it answered to my own’(109) here the first person narrative ...

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