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The Worst Day of My Life.

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In my life the most thrilling and funniest days I have spent were when I used to be in a primary school. They were also probably the scariest and most troublesome days of my life. I used to get into a lot of trouble in those days; it was mostly due to bad luck, because it was mostly my friends' fault for doing anything bad. Despite this, I actually quite enjoyed doing troublesome things with my friends. These were my thrilling mates with whom I've spent, not the literally worst, but the scariest day of life. They were Imran, Rubel, Minaz and Jamie and the reliable and decent person in the crew was, Argha. And that's me. To start of my story I'll talk about something normal like the games we played. I used to love playing football, tennis, pool and cricket with my friends. Nowadays, I only put my effort and concentration into cricket because I'm good at it. ...read more.


As usual, my friends and I did something to lighten up our boring day of school after the final bell rang to relieve us all. We were walking round the neighbourhood, full of narrow alleyways, where there wasn't a chance of police patrol to be present. I was chatting with my friend Imran never expecting what would happen behind us. We heard a small explosion. We turned around to see a blown up car tyre and Jamie with a big screw in his hand. Beside him was Rubel. Just as we finished shouting "why the h**l did you guys do that?" an old lady screamed out of the window from the second floor, "you b****y hooligans, you're gonna get it this time". Realizing that it was the same lady whose window which we often cracked, we started running with our faces covered. As I was obviously running like a tortoise behind all my friends I looked back. ...read more.


Thank God, we did make it to the main road and before we did they stopped and walked away. My body was shaking so much; it was as if I was in the middle of a snowstorm with only a pair of shorts on. I walked back home with my friends shivering like this. They dropped me off. I got home and went straight to bed to stop myself from trembling. It's likely my friends did the same. They sure did scare the h**l out of us. Having a fight in school unarmed is one thing, getting chased by men with weapons in another. We left that matter behind our backs because even if our school is in their area, they didn't get a glimpse of our faces. It was ably the scariest day of my life, but my life has lots of years still to go, therefore no-one can tell, maybe this day will not be considered as the scariest, or the worst, in the future. Subject English Set 4 Topic Original Writing Coursework Name Argha Sarkar Form 10 E ...read more.

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