This Thing of Darkness (Recreating a line from Shakespeare as a story)

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This Thing of Darkness

I went out with a couple of my classmates to a party, approximately 6 miles away from my house. In the dead of the night, we separated and each one of us went into diverse direction.

As I was going downhill, the weather seemed bizarrely transforming in different matters- white clouds turning into dark; forming a patter in a huge circle around me. The sky looked angry with dark and rolling clouds, while the wind lashed out upon the ground. With an ominous sound, the rain pelted the earth as if being poured from a bucket. A wave of gentle breeze glided me. Every time I took a step towards the bus stop; my eyebrows felt thick, my eyes were shivering, twitching and flashing- not mentioning the fact that I couldn’t see my way…

Suddenly, greedy and hungry thunder hit the sides of a building furiously.

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As soon as I approached the bus stop, I saw a thick black object near the window. It appeared to be an old man who swiftly appeared out of nowhere in the darkness. His old, frightening eyes watched my every move. His face had mostly been hidden by his bright black glasses, but I could almost feel his cold breath as stepped farther away. He threw a black bottle onto the hard concrete floor. It shattered, and shards of glass scattered. When I glanced back, he smiled at me; his wrinkles letting me see his every expression, as if there ...

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