Time traveller story

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Time Travel Story

I was sitting in my room watching T.V, when the phone rang.  I picked it up and said

“Hello”. I recognised the voice it was my boss.

He said “Get ready because I have a mission for you”.

“What sort of mission?” I replied.

“I’m sending you back into the past and into Ancient Roman Times, you’ll be involved in a battle, look for Laemilius Paullus when you get there.  A time machine waiting for you this minute outside your house”

“I don’t know what to say, thank you” I replied.  I grabbed my toothbrush, searched for my gun, took a few clothes and supplies of food and drinks and headed to the past in the time machine.

I was in the past, travelling all the way to the time of the Romans.  I was so excited; I couldn’t wait for my mission to unfold.  I was nearly there.  Suddenly a bell rang; I looked outside and was disgusted with what I saw.  Seeing people lying on the floor with blood coming from their heads and soldiers fighting with swords sent a shiver down my spine.  Although I was scared, it felt incredible.  I stepped out of the time machine and thought to myself “I haven’t seen such incredible things before”.

Join now!

I walked around for an hour or two, and then all of a sudden a battle erupted before me.  I watched with despair until there was flash and hundreds of people lay there on the floor with blood dripping from there skulls.  I trembled with fear.  I paused.  My legs started to move; I was walking again.  I came towards a big brown building and entered.  I looked around cautiously.  Suddenly I could smell smoke so I quickly ran out of the building.

As I was running I bumped into a large, hairy, terrifying man.

“Who are you?” I said


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