To what extent is Michael Henchard to blame for his own fate?

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To what extent is Michael Henchard to blame for his own fate?

Its human nature to blame someone for your own actions, especially the bad ones. It’s more like a defence mechanism; but in Henchard’s case it’s different:

At the beginning of the story we see Henchard and his wife walking to the nearby village of Weydon-Priors in the search of employment. From the minor dialogue they have we can see that this is not the perfect marriage:

“What was really peculiar however, in this couple’s progress, and would have attracted the attention of any casual observer otherwise disposed to overlook them, was the perfect silence they preserved”. 

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Already from the beginning of the novel we see that Henchard doesn’t seem to be having the of best life’s.

Later on at the fair, under the influence of alcohol he auctions his wife; this moment had changed his whole life.

Now it would have been easier for him to say something like: “I’m sorry I had too much to drink...” but he didn’t; because he is aware of his mistake. At the end of the day, selling his wife was his fault. After which he takes a vow never to touch alcohol again for the next twenty years. This ...

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