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Today was nothing but an average day the day started with the bleeping of my alarm clock. I think it must be time for me to get a new one, because it is starting to sound like a dying

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An Average Day Today was nothing but an average day the day started with the bleeping of my alarm clock. I think it must be time for me to get a new one, because it is starting to sound like a dying screaming cat and it is not a pleasant noise to wake up to. Although being woke up at seven o'clock in the morning is never pleasant anyway. I try to turn over and pretend that I have never heard the alarm clock and I should go back to sleep. I always am able to convince myself of this until my mother walks in with a cup of tea all happy and energetic. I have never understood how somebody manages to be that happy in the morning and why anybody is that happy in the morning, because at that time in the morning everybody should be still tucked up in a warm cosy bed fast a sleep. I manage to prise myself out of bed and have a sip of tea. Although I don't like having to get dressed I have been putting on the same uniform for four years now, so it only takes me ten minutes. When I enter the lounge my brother is sat there like he is every morning looking quite pleased with himself, as he has beaten me to the television and has managed to put Sabrina on again. I really do dislike that television show it is so fake. It is all about a teenage witch attending high school and it doesn't interest me a bit, although this particular morning I haven't got the energy to start an on going argument as to what should be on the television and why. This argument however does happen nearly every morning of the week, but this morning I grin and bear Sabrina. Mum then comes trough the door still looking happy asking for the orders for breakfast. ...read more.


When I got on to the bus I was not amused I had to stand up with all the homework in my bag, so when it was the stop outside my grandparents I was very relieved. As soon as I walked through the door my tea and my cake was waiting there for me. It is always nice to see them as they spoil me. I did my homework first thing that evening, because there was a lot of it. I hate homework it is really annoying, because after a day of school you have to sit and do more work. The other problem is that if you don't understand it there is no one there to help you, so you end up spending twice as long on it and getting cross with it, because if you don't do it you end up getting told off for not even trying. This was the problem with my maths. Marx o Dinner was ready when I was half way through my homework, so I ended up leaving it for after dinner. Dinner was nice as we had pizza and chips, with a garnish of salad. I was in a bad mood, so I was glad of some junk food. Whilst eating I watched Neighbours and then I finished all my homework in time to watch all the soaps. At nine all the soaps finish so I stayed up to talk to my grandparents about my day and I then went to bed about ten o'clock. Another Saturday I always look forward to this day. It is a day where I can lie in bed until eleven o'clock and do nothing important that does not need my brain to work out things or understand anything all day long. I woke up, but today I had to be up as early as nine o'clock in the morning on a Saturday. ...read more.


I think a letter should be sent in our report envelopes to let our parents sign to say that they take responsibility for us and that they give us permission to go up Llandeilo. I am allowed to go into Town on my own, so I don't see why I can't go into Llandeilo in groups or with a partner. I don't think we should be allowed any further as we could get lost or be late. In a school evening my evening consists of homework and a special programme or the soaps that are on. I do tend to fit my homework around the soaps, but then my meals are fitted into when the soaps are on, so that means my evening on a school day is routined around the television. The other problem with home work is that if the teacher says only do twenty minutes you have to make sure you do as much as everyone else, because otherwise you get told of for not doing the full set time. The problem with this is that you then end up spending more time than the allocated amount. This means freedom is limited in the evenings due to homework and revision, which always takes longer than the allocated amount of time you are meant to spend. The weekends are a bit different, because I get the freedom to go out to places like Town and I get to choose the times I get up and mostly I get to choose where I can to be and at what time. I enjoy the weekends, because I do like to have some Independence, but I am glad that mum does put some restrictions on places I have to go and when I have to be back, because I am not fully responsible and streetwise yet. I do think my freedom should be limited a bit, but in school I think we should get more freedom at the lunchtimes and in the evenings I think less homework should be given. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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