Turn Of The Screw

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  Turn of the Screw is a Pre 19th century novel written by Henry James. This was a novel written to Victorian readers at the time but would have various interpretations to present readers. The Turn of the Screw was intended as a ghost story so the tale details the classic struggle between good and evil and dealings with the supernatural. If one takes this as a psychoanalytic study the story emphasizes sexual subjugation and minimal sources of insanity, repressed emotions, and portrays the apparitions to be a product of the Governess' irrational and unstable mind. It looks at how the children are innocent victims of the Governess' internal conflict and how the Governess herself is portrayed as an emotionally weak woman rather than a heroine or saviour.At the beginning of the novella the story starts to fit in with the gothic theme as they were ‘round a fire’, it was ‘Christmas eve’, they were in an n ‘old house’ and the fact they made reference to ‘Griffins ghost’.

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        In the prologue it states ‘ if the child gives the effect of another turn of the screw, what do you say to two children- two children give two turns’ so I would say that in this story the turn of the screw=twist of the plot. Generally speaking the idiom is a metaphor, a turn of the screw an action which makes a bad situation worse, especially in order to force someone to do something -- but it certainly does not answer the question of what is tightening the screw: ghosts? The children? Her own imagination, steeped in repressed eroticism? ...

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