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UK Tourism,D2

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1 If a family with young children wanted to go to London for a weekend, I would suggest a hotel near to a lot of attractions and shopping areas. This is so that the children could be entertained; as they are travelling with children, I would still recommend the train as it is an easy journey and will give them a memorable visit. The children may enjoy an open top bus ride of London, where they can see the sights and attractions, which they may enjoy because they can see sights, which include 10 Downing Street, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Tower of London, the national history museum and the London Transport Museum. Each attraction would appeal to the visitors because they have exciting facts and some have hands on exhibits, which will encourage the children to like the attraction. ...read more.


these cater for the families because they do the shows in an entertaining way, which encourages everyone to keep on watching it. If a group of students wanted to go to London for a weekend, I would recommend that they stayed in London St.Pauls YHA, this is the former Choir Boy's School and it is only �104 per the group (4) per day. The Youth Hostel has a games room, a lounge, a TV lounge and a common room. It also has a shop, which sells discounted priced tickets to many of London's attractions, meals are offered and there are laundry services, there is also a luggage store and shower facilities. It is located close to St. Paul's cathedral and many other attractions including the London Eye, the London Underground is only a few minutes away, and there are bus stops within one-minute walking distance. ...read more.


The games room and swimming pool can be useful for the young adults, as they do not have to go anywhere to use the local amenities. The cottage also has a cycle store. There is also a pond with wildlife and there are board games. As the cottage is set near to Scarborough it means that, they can go into a larger town on the coast and go shopping, go to restaurants and enjoy the sea air. I would also recommend that they go to the destination by car this is because if they wanted to go to a neighbouring village or to a town then they can do this. If there were a couple with one person being in a wheelchair, I would recommend Angel Cottage. This is because it is wheelchair friendly, each of the doors are wide enough for wheelchair access, and the facilities are all adapted for the disabled users. William Shore D2 ...read more.

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