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Uncle Jemima¡¯s House

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We were invited to my Uncle Jemima's House for the summer, Again!! Nearly every summer we spent about 3 weeks there, in a lonely old Petrol Station on the West Coast Of Ireland. His wife, my Aunt Nan, died not long ago and he's exceedingly lonely, so that's why we visit him often. Last time we went my Parents went off looking around leaving my Uncle and me together. He is a very nice person, full of stories, and knows the wild countryside and seashore better than anyone. Not much Traffic stopped to fuel up at the pumps, but Uncle Jemima was happy that the old road had been restored to its old shape when he was young, with all the wild flowers and herbs and insects and butterflies coming back now the petrol and diesel fumes had gone away. But everyday Uncle Jemima had at least one customer as a very old chauffer driving a long purple limousine, with yellow spots, with a young girl in the back. A wheel chair was tucked in beside the girl and she was covered in blankets, so I suspected he was Crippled, ill or both. ...read more.


The chauffeur walked past nodded and drove off. I put the letter in my pocket and ran inside. I opened it: Dear Friend, I have noticed you over the past few days standing at the Petrol station. My parents are dead, murdered by my evil chauffeur. He is keeping me prisoner and gradually starving me to death so that he can gain possession of my inheritance, which will pass to him when I'm dead. He takes me out every day so no one will get suspicious. Zack is killing me. Please will you come to my house and save me? I've got my wheelchair so you won't have to carry me. Don't tell anyone you're coming, specifically you Uncle, as he will think it is too dangerous and will tell everyone. Yours Sincerely Amanda Hugandkiss PS enclosed is the key to the side door of Shamrock Hall. Come tonight. Please don't let me down. I put both key and letter back into my pocket and thought hard. This couldn't be true. It sounded too much like the plot of a bad thriller movie. But I needed a friend and Life with Uncle Jemima wasn't going to be adventurous. ...read more.


She shouted "Ok, I get the picture" I said "So where am I going to stay?" She asked "With me, silly" "What about your uncle?" He'll be asleep. "OK" We reached the house and Slowly and Silently tip-toed up the stairs to my room. I lay her down on the bed and Lay beside her. She fell asleep quickly and I sat up and put her picture on my desk. I kissed her on the cheek, it felt cold, and said "Goodnight, Amanda!" I put my arm around her and closed my eyes and fell gently asleep. I woke up the next morning to a series of police cars at my uncle's door with their lights flashing. When I opened my eyes Amanda was gone. I put on my Coat and ran downstairs and Asked Uncle Jemima, "What's going on? "It turned out that Shamrock Hall was set on fire last night and both the chauffeur and the young girl died, about 1am this morning, because of the smoke." I ran up stairs and found the photo on the desk and it was blank, and the letter wasn't there just a blank page. WAS SHE A GHOST? WAS I DREAMING? WHAT HAD HAPPENED? English Ghost Story 30/04/07 Daniel Patton Page1/2 ...read more.

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