Unman Wittering And Zigo

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Unman Wittering And Zigo

The first character that speaks in this play is the headmaster; the stage directions tell us that the head is taking John round the school. This suggests the head is proud of his school and he takes a part in the running of it. It could also suggest he does not want anyone to tell john something he shouldn't hear about the school, especially on his first day. The stage directions also tell us that the head is dominating the conversation with john, this is probably a good time for him to do this as he is showing john his authority in the school. However John would probably like to ask some questions about the school and the head is not letting him do this.

Also in scene 1 the headmaster describes his school as "an old foundation". This suggests the school has been around for a long time. This shows the school has a good reputation; otherwise no one would pay to go there, since it is a private school. The quote is ambiguous as "foundation" could suggest the beginnings of the school and its reputation or it could suggest the school building is old and strong.

Later on in scene 1, the head mentions about how some of his staff fought and died in the 2nd world war; they were even awarded "V.C's" (Victoria Crosses). This suggests he is proud of his staff, their history and bravery.

When the head enters the John's classroom in scene 3 he only says one line, then leaves "Carry on Ebony. Take no notice of me". This could suggest he is checking on John. The quote could also suggest that that the head is checking on the boys because he knows they are trouble.

When John goes to see the head in scene 8, John tries to tell the head about Mr Pelham's wallet but the head try's to avoid the issue "I really don't think you need have left your form in the middle of a period". Even when John presents the head with Pelham's "bloodstained" wallet the head reacts shows "distaste" rather than horror. At the end of the scene the head tries to change the subject away from the wallet and tells John not to discuss Mr Pelham's death.
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In scene 22 the head tells John the school have not decided to keep John on as a teacher and that they have found a replacement. The head does not seem show any sympathy for John. This could suggest the head is well disciplined and does not want to turn the issue into something personnel. It could also suggest the head is trying to get rid of john, because he was discussing Mr Pelham.

At the end of the play when the head and the inspector are questioning John about Wittering's "suicide", the head seems nervous and ...

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