Vultures and Two Scavengers

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Compare the way people are presented in ‘Vultures’ (page ten) with the ways people are presented in one other poem.

‘Vultures’ (page 10) and ‘Two scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes’ (page 8).

‘Two scavengers’ and ‘Vultures’, both focus on the height of the people they use in their poems to presents their ideas.  In ‘two scavengers’, ‘standing on the back stoop one on each side hanging on and looking down’ seems to contradict the couples roles in society. The reader would expect the garbage men to be presented with a lower status in society. Usually when poets try to show the difference between two people, the person who is seen to have more influences in society, is generally in higher position. This is not the case in ‘two scavengers’, the poet shows the garbage men higher than, ‘the two beautiful people in a Mercedes’. This is a use of irony because the poet has written one thing when he wants to convey the opposite idea. In ‘Vultures’, the birds are seen to be higher than the body.  ‘…a vulture perching high on broken bone of a dead tree’, this is an example of a metaphor.

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‘Vultures’ and ‘two scavengers’ present the people that feature in the poems, in very different ways. ‘Vultures’ focuses on the presentation of the, ‘Commandant at Belsen camp’. The poet, Chinua Achebe contrasts his job as the Commandant; a person who authorises the murders of innocent people, ‘fumes of human roast clinging rebelliously to his hairy nostrils’, to a father who will do anything for his child, ‘pick up a chocolate for his tender offspring’. All of this dialogue can be found between lines 30 and 40.This suggests that he tries to dismiss the fact that he has permitted many ...

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