War Poetry

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Read Owen’s Dulce et Decorum est. & the Kings speech before Agincourt in Shakespeare’s Henry v. Compare how and why the two Writers manipulate their audience’s feelings about war.

Dulce et Decorum est was written by Wilfred Owen during the time of world war one. The poem is known for its horrifying imagery and its condemnation of war. The difference between Dulce et Decorum est to Henry v, is that first of all it is written as a personal experience of war where as Henry v is written as a poem in a history play, so its themes and imagery is portrayed from a more personal perspective of war.

William Shakespeare the famous playwright, is the author of the poem taken from the history play Henry V. The poem taken is a dramatic monologue by Henry v responding from a comment his cousin Westmoreland.

The idea or theme of war is portrayed in both Owens D.E.D and William Shakespeare’s Henry v., but they are put across in two very different ways.

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First of all in Henry v poem is more of a speech from a king ho is trying to install faith among his soldiers and most importantly his cousin Westmoreland.

Where as Owens D.E.D is more of a physical and traumatizing account of a war that has already taken place.

In Owens’ D.E.D we can see that the images that are given out are those of struggle not only physical suffering but also those of also mental suffering. With use of similes the physical suffering is shown to us. ‘Coughing like hags’ is a simile used to relate to ...

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