We are walking down all these long corridors, with lots of doors and then we can see big oak doors with the words TITANIC engraved across it.

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Titanic Passenger

     I have been waiting for this day for weeks and weeks. I’ve been preparing for god knows how long. The day the greatest ship of all time sets of to let hundreds of people start a new life in a new country, including me and my family, we can be who we want. But everything has a bad side. I have to leave my Nan behind. I’m just walking up the stairs to get on the ship. I can remember all things we did together, all the times we went to the park, every time we went to the shop and brought sweets for me. I don’t want to do this any more. Just 1 more sight of her might lift my spirits and I might be able to go on, just 1 more glimpse might give me strength, just 1 more reassuring smile and I will be uplifted.

“You mite want to go to the back and look on the peer.” That was my mum. She said that with a really suspicious smile. I run to the back of the ship. I scan the front of the dock, like a robot in search of their target. There she is! I can see her. I flap my arms in a kind of wave, but more like a headless chicken trying to fly. She gives me a wave back and then a smile, my heart skips a beat and sinks. What is that on my shoulder? I look round and there is my dad, smiling like always and my mum next to him. My mum looks down at me and gives me a cheeky smile. Then simultaneously they wave at Nan. Wow! The horn just went of so loud it almost made me fall over. I look back at Nan and she is laughing like a hyena.

Join now!

     Now I can feel the massive engines at the back getting to work trying ever so hard to push the ship with all its passengers along. I can’t believe how big this ship is and I can hear people saying the ship is unsinkable, it s the best ship in the world, maybe the best ship ever. I have an idea. Let’s go right to the front. I’m am now there standing right on the edge arms out, the breeze brushing my cheeks like a soft fury cat and the light summer sun beating down on my face. ...

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