"Welsh Landscape" "Small Window" and "Reservoirs" exhibit R.S Thomas views on Wales and Welshness compare and Contrast the poems with regards to content and structure.

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“Welsh Landscape” “Small Window” and “Reservoirs”

exhibit R.S Thomas views on Wales and Welshness compare and

Contrast the poems with regards to content and structure.

In this essay I am going to discuss, compare and contrast the three poems written by R.S Thomas. The three poems arse based on Wales and Welshness. R.S Thomas’ views are very clear in these poems.

      R.S Thomas was brought was brought up in Cardiff in a non-Welsh speaking community. R.S Thomas did not learn how to speak Welsh until he moved to Welsh speaking communities. When R.S Thomas wrote these poems he felt as if he couldn’t express himself as good as he could in the English language, So he decided not to write his poems in welsh and wrote them through the English language.

     The first poem I am going to discuss is “The Small Window”.This poem was written by R.S Thomas as a reaction to the phenomenon in the 20th century.The phenomenon first accured in small villages in Penrhyn-Llyn when people from England came to Penrhyn-Llyn and offerd the welsh so much money they would not refuse to move out of their homes and turn them into holiday homes.Welsh people felt bitter over the situation.The welsh people decided it was wrong what the English had done too such small villages of Penrhyn-Llyn and the only way the Welsh could express their feelings was to burn down all the holiday homes.

At the beginning of this poem we were unaware of what the poem is about and what Thomas is trying to say, But after knowing the background of the poem Thomas’ views become clear that he his talking about the arson attacks that had gone on in the villages.

     The poem opens with a delightful sentence which brings imagery too your mind as you read the first stanza.

                                            “ In Wales there arse jewels”

Thomas expresses Wales in a good mannor and it emphasises at least one good thing about Wales and also it bring’s the poem to life.

Also there is some ambiguity and enjambement in the first few lines of the stanza. Enjambement emphasises the word  which is carried on into the next line by using this device it’s making the poem more effective and bringin more attention to whatever he is trying to say

                                         “A hill lights up

                                          Suddenly; a field trembles

                                          With colour and goes out

                                          In it’s turn”

Thomas is describing the arson attacks in a delightful way and is trying to make things sound that Wales is a bad place where lots of bad things go on.

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R.S Thomas’ views on Wales are very clear in this poem. Imagery is one of the main key elements all through the poem and most words are based on nature and material wealth. Thomas’ uses a device such as extended metaphor, these create a good effect and helps Thomas express his views better.


                                         “Wealth” “Jewels” “rich”

By using words ...

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