What aspects of Eddies personality are revealed by his meetings with Alfieri?

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What aspects of Eddie’s personality are revealed by his meetings with Alfieri?

Arthur Miller’s ‘A View from the Bridge’ presents Eddie Carbone as a working class person living in America, and makes use of the character of Alfieri as the person that has the “view from the bridge”, the person that can see and have contact with Eddie but cannot intervene with Eddie’s actions, representing the audience’s own viewpoint of Eddie. Alfieri acts as the audience’s guide to Eddie and his personality, revealed through Alfieri’s own narration and the verbal contact Alfieri is able to have with Eddie through his meetings.

Eddie’s first meeting with Alfieri is introduced by Alfieri, and explains his relations with Eddie’s family. Alfieri describes Eddie with “eyes like tunnels, as if he had committed a crime”, indication of the fact that Eddie is facing the problem with Catherine, and does not know what action to take next, as well as the foreboding fate and darkness that will come out due to Eddie’s over protective nature of Catherine. Alfieri’s questioning of Eddie immediately shows Eddie’s irrationality as he refuses to listen to advice:

        “Yeah, but what about if the only reason for it is to get his papers?

          First of all you don’t know that.

Join now!

          I know what’s in his mind, Mr Alfieri!

The irrationality presented shows how Eddie is not willing to be swayed by other people’s advice despite being the person that is asking for advice. The response that Eddie receives from Alfieri causes Eddie to show and the fact that Eddie is unable to accept the fact that he may be wrong. The irrationality in his personality is continuously presented throughout the meeting with Alfieri, where Eddie insists that “he ain’t right”, accusing Rodolfo of being homosexual despite having no basis to base his accusations on, apart from reasons that do ...

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