What I can't stand. Soapbox on Chavs

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Soapbox on Chavs

Don’t even get me started on chavs! CHAV: Council House Anti-social and Violent. We’ve heard about them all before, and we see them on the streets all the time. We all hate them and I’m here to explain why they should all be banned … and preferably incarcerated.

They are well known for their advanced linguistics and decent attire. The first thing we notice when seeing a chav are their tracky bottoms – or should I say their underwear, because their trousers usually hung down in the ankle region. They are usually aged about 16-22, and their stereotypical dress code would probably be wearing the famous snapback facing in a 90 degree angle, of course, wearing baggy fake adidas tracksuits with tonnes of fake gold jewellery which they can barely carry. These people are in gangs acting as if they’re 8 foot tall and built up like a rugby player, in the corner of the McDonald’s car park.

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I once unfortunately came into contact with one of these ‘gangsters’ on my way walking back home from my friend’s house. I was half way there when I just looked to my left and saw some filthy unwashed scum in a hoodie. I was trying my best to avoid when he shouted at me ‘Yo fam, ya got a cig on ya mate’. ‘Fam’ is an urban abbreviation for family; I was thinking to myself that how could this pathetic, low-life imbecile even think that I am his family or related to him in any possible way, whilst I didn’t ...

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