What is the main theme of the two poems by Carol Ann Duffy?

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What is the main theme of the two poems by Carol Ann Duffy?

        Stealing by Carol Ann Duffy is a poem about a lonely person, an outcast in society. This character is unhappy, alone and sick of this world, and because of his unhappiness, he soughs to destroy the happiness of others. Perhaps these selfish acts satisfy him because he will ten know he is not the only one unhappy.

        “Part of the thrill was knowing children would cry in the morning. Life’s tough”

-This “thrill” experienced by the poet demonstrates how the character pleases himself by destroying others’ happiness. The hard work he had to do to move the snowman show he is willing to suffer in order to make others suffer.

        “Life’s tough” and “sick of this world” tell us that the character doesn’t like this world.

        All examples show that the character is tired of this world where he is alone and unhappy. But he gives himself what satisfaction he can by taking (stealing) the happiness of others.

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        Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy as a poem, has similarities but also differences to Stealing. Instead of taking away another’s joy, the character in Valentine is giving joy. The character in Valentine is not selfish; the character gives more rather than receives (steal).

        “Its scent will cling to your finger cling to your knife.”

An everlasting gift, to be remembered forever, to “cling” to your memories. To the author, perhaps the onion is more important, more meaningful than any other valentine gift. It represents Carol Ann Duffy’s view of love; her perception of love is symbolized not by ...

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