What is the Role Of Enobarbus In This Play?

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What is the Role Of Enobarbus In This Play?

Enobarbus being the fabricated character in the play has a large importance in the play. Enobarbus is a very high-ranking officer in Antony’s army, and acts as, in effect, his right hand man. Enobarbus is very close to Antony as he is allowed to speak freely in his presence, such as in act 1 scene 2 when Antony tells Enobarbus that Cleopatra is "cunning past man's thought". This seems to be a conversation that two friends would have if one of them was having woman troubles. Another example of close comradeship between them is how after he learns of Antony’s wife Fulvia’s death, he says "give the gods a thankful sacrifice", meaning this is a good thing for Antony. Obviously not just anybody would be able to get away with saying something like that to his leader. This also means that Antony trusts Enobarbus’s judgement although he doesn’t always listen to what he has to say.

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        It seems that one of the main purposes of Enobarbus in the play is to exaggerate the lives and relationship of Antony and Cleopatra. The ‘barge speech’ in scene 2 in Act 2 is perhaps one of the most famous speeches in all Shakespeare plays and is deservedly so. This is because of its effect on the play. Up until this time in the play we can only guess at the mythic qualities that have put Antony and Cleopatra into power. In this speech we see the mythic qualities of Cleopatra. Such as “The barge she sat in, like a ...

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