Which character has greatest effect on Pip?

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Which character has greatest effect on Pip?

 During the book ‘Great Expectations’ there are many characters that influence pips decisions. In my essay I will try and point out who does what to influence pips decisions and eventually try and find out which character was most influential. There are several characters which much be considered whilst deciding who was most influential.

Mrs Havasham was probably the most influential character because it was because it was her who first planted the seeds of discontent in pips mind. It was because of her that pip met Estella. Mrs Havasham made Pip uneasy about his life and made him dislike his social class. She kept asking him questions about Estella such as ‘what do you think of her?’ this made pip embarrassed to tell her as Estella was listening, further more after every answer Pip gave to this question Miss Havasham kept adding ‘anything else’ which we later found out in the book, mrs havasham was trying to make pip like Estella lots so that she could break his heart. We could tell this when Miss Havasham said ‘What leave now and never see her again even though she is so pretty’ she is trying to make Pip want her even more than he already does so she can break his heart and the pain will be even worse. This had a knock on effect towards Pip and in the end his wanted to do everything he could to try and make Estella to like him for example becoming a gentleman.

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Miss Havashams adopted daughter Estella was probably the most influential character in pips life there are many moments in the book that suggest this. During Pips first visit to Miss Havashams house he first met Estella he described her to Miss Havasham, he described her as being, ‘very proud’, very pretty’ and finally ‘very insulting.’ Whilst at Miss Havasham’s house Pip was made to play this didn’t please Miss Havasham so she invited Estella to play with Pip, Estella made some comments whilst playing a game of cards, ‘he calls the knaves jacks’, and ‘what course hands and thick ...

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