Who was responsible for the death's of romeo and Juliet?

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Who was responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?


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Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a tragic drama of two lovers who come from different families and fall in love, and end up both dead for each other. The families hate each other, which makes it difficult for Romeo and Juliet to see each other. The story is mainly based around fate and how it can control people’s lives and make them unhappy and sometimes can cause death. This point is put across very clearly as in the story fate is the factor that end the story.


The social context in which Shakespeare wrote was in the time of the Elizabethans. During this time the people strongly believed in fate and the huge role it plays in the lives of people, also the impact it has on them. They also believed in the stars guiding them. Romeo and Juliet (and also other characters) made reference to this several time throughout the play. So when Elizabethan audience watched this, they would have believed that due to the early references made in the text that this seal the tragic fate of Romeo and Juliet.

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Shakespeare used an effective and useful technique right at the beginning of the play. This was the use of a chorus. The ending of the play was explained right at the beginning so the reader/audience would know the result of the whole thing. The effect that this would give would be that people would want to know what cause such a tragic death and how the events in the play built up to this. Also this shows that fate would always win as what they did, the end result would still be the same.

Fate controlled the play ...

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