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Whose Life Is It Anyway?

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Whose Life Is It Anyway? Name: Jennifer (Puerto Rican) Age: 28 Hair Colour: Dark brown to middle back, when dancing it is in a bun Eye colour: Dark brown Skin colour: Olive Skin Personality: Witty, intelligent, powerful, independent, considerate Physique: Tall, slim, elegant dancer, stunning Occupation: Dance instructor Jennifer is an attractive woman who has been dancing since the age of five, and went to the school of performing arts at the age of 13 to learn dance. She is a powerful yet elegant dancer. She is like a swan; gliding beautiful and peaceful. She teaches young students ballet. Being a dance teacher was always her ambition. She is a catholic and so does not believe in euthanasia. Jennifer and Ken were married at the age of 23. She helps ken with his sculpturing by posing for him. Her wit and intelligence comes in useful with ken as she is equally as witty as him, but never tries to better him. Jennifer met ken at one of her dance performances, at which ken went to watch alone for inspiration. He became mesmerised by the elegance of Jennifer. Ken asked to meet her back stage and explained how he was inspired by her dance and requested that she would help him. ...read more.


John: Sorry to interrupt Ken. Your wife has just been on the phone; she is popping in to see you later on today. Ken: (sarcastically) Oh joy! (Dr Scott and John look at each other puzzled at kens remark) Ken: Could you excuse me Dr Scott I need to talk to John? (Dr Scott exits) John: Now do not be telling me there is nothing wrong! Ken: It is Jennifer... I am going to ask her for a ... a divorce John: (Startled) whatever for Ken, you have been married for so long, you are made for each other... Ken: STOP! Do not make me feel any worse than I already do. Of course, I still love her but it is now time to put the eternal flame that glows so strongly in my heart out. I cannot give her what she wants anymore... John: The love that you have always given her. She has stuck by you throughout this entire trauma; I do not think she wants anything but you. Ken: NO! It has to happen to make me happy and feel less troubled. John: Ok Ken as long, as you are happy and think you are doing what is right. ...read more.


Now I can be more concerned about my life and what I am going to do about the problems with my body. John: Ok ken i am glad you believe you have made the right decision and have no regrets. In addition, as long as you are happy I will always be happy for you. (John leaves Ken alone to think) Ken: Oh what have I done, I know it was the right thing to do, but did it have to end so quickly? She gave me the best 10 years of my life and now I have thrown it all away in a matter of minutes. Jennifer I am so sorry if I have hurt you, and I hope that one day we shall meet again, but not for a long time I hope. I hope she finds someone who loves her as much as I did. At least I can now concentrate on my life and she will not have to worry about the ordeal that lies ahead for me. I would rather have called it off when I did rather than later so then she has time to move on without feeling quite so hurt. Oh Jennifer I am so sorry. ( ken bows his head crying cameras fade spotlight on his face and on the broken vase which symbolises Jennifer heart) End ...read more.

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